30 Day Book Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t any more 

I don’t think there are any books throughout my teen or adult life that I used to love but I remember being obsessed with some when I was younger but not I’ve grown out of them.


The Goosebumps series – R.L.Stine

My friend reminded me the other day of the Goosebumps series that I think every kid from my generation used to read or were familiar with, I think they also did a television series but I preferred the books. I used to be a massive fan of them and I remember my collection taking up most of my bookshelf. Obviously now theyre not as good but I remember them encouraging a lot of my friends, who hated reading, to pick up a book and become fascinated or obsessed with a series of books. This is similar to what J K Rowling later did to Harry Potter but hers was on a larger scale.Fright Camp has to be one of my favourite stories in the series, it was about a summer camp and a horror director. I also liked his other stories not in the Goosebumps series such as …


this book was a collection of shorter stories but they were equally, if not more scary than Goosebumps. Overall I think R.L.Stine can be blamed for starting my love of the horror genre from an early age, my mum probably hates him for this! but it encouraged me to read and I loved the books.