30 Day Book Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 – The first novel you remember reading 

Well my memory is pretty rubbish, but I remember reading all the Harry Potter books which I literally couldn’t put down! I forced my parents to pre order the books because I was that excited about them and I’d read them within a day or two of getting them. This was partly out of excitement and partly so no one could spoil the endings for me (I just spoilt them for my friends!). I remember the day the Goblet of Fire came out, all I did all day was read. I went to my Grans house and even then I read, just sat curled up in a big chair immersed in Harry’s world. But that’s what reading is about, if you find a book that makes you never want to put it down then you know you’ve got a good book. 


I like how the books are different from the films, and I tell my friends who have only seen the films that they are missing out on so much more. The films just follow the basic plot of the books whereas the books have so much more in them that you feel part of them. I hate how they completely missed out Peeves and most of the other ghosts in the films and there wasn’t as much of Fred and George as there should have been! (in my opinion) But still I’m a fan of all of it so its all good. And I like how J.K.Rowling has encouraged so many kids to read just through one story about a wizard, that’s pretty awesome. 

Another novel I remember reading, except for some of the classics such as Austen, is… 


Witch Child – Celia Rees 

First off history like this fascinates me and I enjoy reading about anything to do with the witch trials. This was the exact book for me! It wasn’t too long but the plot was enjoyable and the characters were appealing to its young adult target audience. The story follows Mary who has seen her Grandmother hung for being a witch, she travels to Salem in the New World and has to fit in with Puritan society without making it know she is a witch. Its in a first person diary style format which makes it seem a little more personal as you can feel all of the characters emotions. I enjoyed it and its one of the ones that stands out to me so it must have been good.