So its been a while since I’ve been on here and I haven’t done the 30 day book challenge for a while, however I have been busy with other things such as moving home for the summer, helping to run a Rainbow unit, building two lots of Scarecrows for the Skidby Scarecrow Festival and Baking around 40 cakes for the same event which I now have to decorate! So yeah its been a little busy! But there’s going to be pictures next week of all the Scarecrows. its amazing how mad people go with their ideas – I should know I’ve made the Wizard of Oz for ours, who knew building scarecrows could be so complicated!! 

Anyway next week is back to normal (hopefully!) 


30 Day Book Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 – Favourite Male/Female Character 

I have way too many favourite characters but I guess I’ll go through a few of them…. I know the pictures are from the film or TV adaptations of the books but these portrayal of the characters are awesome too. 

Beatrice and Benedick – Much ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare


I like this relationship and the conversations between the two are hilarious. I’ve seen this played out a few times now and every time this couple manage to make me laugh, especially in the Kenneth Branagh version. They will probably always be one of my favourite couples from literature. 

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter – J.K.Rowling & Elizabeth Bennet – Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

Image Image

Hermione is awesome! She’s smart, witty and very intelligent. I always wanted to be like her and I like the way she is always sorting out Ron and Harry – without her they would probably be very stuck! Especially in the later books when she prepares for everything. I think Emma Watson’s portrayal of her is very good and she’s the way I imagined Hermione to be when reading the books.She reminds me a little of a modern day Elizabeth Bennet, who is also one of my favourite characters. She, like Hermione, is smart, witty and strong headed. Both of them know what they want and they never seem to be afraid of getting it. I like how they both don’t rely heavily on the men around them, yet when they find love, Hermione with Ron and Elizabeth with Mr Darcy its still cute. 

Another one of my favourite characters is… 

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman – The Southern Vampire Mysteries – Charlaine Harries


Sookie is like Hermione and Elizabeth, she is strong headed and intelligent. I like her attitude and the way she takes everything on so easily. Her narration throughout the books is funny and Anna Paquins portrayal of her in the True Blood series is brilliant. Like Hermione, she is the way I picture her when reading the books, but maybe thats because i’ve read them after the series,who knows! Another character from The Southern Vampire mysteries I like is Eric Northman. Who doesnt like a little bit of a tall blonde vamp?!?!? Although he’s arrogant and annoying at some points its the relationship with Sookie that makes you like him most, especially when he has amnesia or whatever it is. 

And finally…..

Bridget Jones – Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding 


I love love love this book and I could not stop giggling throughout – I kept getting funny looks on the train! But Bridget Jones is one of my favourite characters,her humour and commentary on daily life is hilarious and I can imagine myself being like this one day (I don’t know whether that’s something to be proud of or not!) I think all the other characters contribute to this hilarity but it is the first person diary style narrative that keeps it funny. Her parents make me laugh and you can see most if not all of the characters in someone you know. 

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 15

Day 15 – The first novel you remember reading 

Well my memory is pretty rubbish, but I remember reading all the Harry Potter books which I literally couldn’t put down! I forced my parents to pre order the books because I was that excited about them and I’d read them within a day or two of getting them. This was partly out of excitement and partly so no one could spoil the endings for me (I just spoilt them for my friends!). I remember the day the Goblet of Fire came out, all I did all day was read. I went to my Grans house and even then I read, just sat curled up in a big chair immersed in Harry’s world. But that’s what reading is about, if you find a book that makes you never want to put it down then you know you’ve got a good book. 


I like how the books are different from the films, and I tell my friends who have only seen the films that they are missing out on so much more. The films just follow the basic plot of the books whereas the books have so much more in them that you feel part of them. I hate how they completely missed out Peeves and most of the other ghosts in the films and there wasn’t as much of Fred and George as there should have been! (in my opinion) But still I’m a fan of all of it so its all good. And I like how J.K.Rowling has encouraged so many kids to read just through one story about a wizard, that’s pretty awesome. 

Another novel I remember reading, except for some of the classics such as Austen, is… 


Witch Child – Celia Rees 

First off history like this fascinates me and I enjoy reading about anything to do with the witch trials. This was the exact book for me! It wasn’t too long but the plot was enjoyable and the characters were appealing to its young adult target audience. The story follows Mary who has seen her Grandmother hung for being a witch, she travels to Salem in the New World and has to fit in with Puritan society without making it know she is a witch. Its in a first person diary style format which makes it seem a little more personal as you can feel all of the characters emotions. I enjoyed it and its one of the ones that stands out to me so it must have been good.  

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 14

Day 14 – Favourite Book from your favourite writer


The Hobbit, Or There and Back Again – J.R.R.Tolkien 

I love all the variety of characters in it and how it easily brings in the other world. It has everything you’d want from a fantasy novel and it keeps you gripped as you want to know what happens to the characters you become a little attached to. I’m actually quite excited for the film to be released as I am already a massive fan of the LOTR trilogy so hopefully this will be as good, if not better because we don’t have to deal with the wettest character on the planet – Frodo! So yeah as you can tell I’m a bit of a fan! 

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – Your favourite writer 

I dont necessarily have one favourite writer as I like many for different attributes but there is always one who springs to mind when asked it, purely because it was the first book to make me fall in love with fanstasy novels and I always read them when I have time… 

J.R.R Tolkien 


My parents actually bought me a copy of The Hobbit similar to this when I was younger and I loved it, the drawings accompany the story brilliantly. I’ve obviously also read The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I love them too. 


30 Day Book Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t any more 

I don’t think there are any books throughout my teen or adult life that I used to love but I remember being obsessed with some when I was younger but not I’ve grown out of them.


The Goosebumps series – R.L.Stine

My friend reminded me the other day of the Goosebumps series that I think every kid from my generation used to read or were familiar with, I think they also did a television series but I preferred the books. I used to be a massive fan of them and I remember my collection taking up most of my bookshelf. Obviously now theyre not as good but I remember them encouraging a lot of my friends, who hated reading, to pick up a book and become fascinated or obsessed with a series of books. This is similar to what J K Rowling later did to Harry Potter but hers was on a larger scale.Fright Camp has to be one of my favourite stories in the series, it was about a summer camp and a horror director. I also liked his other stories not in the Goosebumps series such as …


this book was a collection of shorter stories but they were equally, if not more scary than Goosebumps. Overall I think R.L.Stine can be blamed for starting my love of the horror genre from an early age, my mum probably hates him for this! but it encouraged me to read and I loved the books. 

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 11

Day 11 – A Book you Hated 

There have been loads of books that I have picked up and then hated, some of them I couldn’t even get through. This one though is the main one that stuck out for me. 


Emma – Jane Austen 

I struggled to finished this book I hated it that much. I think it was the long dragged out story – I could have finished it earlier!! And I found the protagonist utterly annoying and arrogant which put me off the whole novel, however Austen seems to be purposefully doing this though as she is quoted to have said something like  “I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like.” which is unusual as I know many of my friends were also put off by this after reading other novels by her where the heroine is likeable. I hate how spoilt Emma is and completely wrong when she attempts to matchmake, her meddling is so frustrating and she reminds you of one of the older characters in other dramas who are used as the butt of the joke by others. 

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