First Blog

This is my first ever blog. I was told to do something like this by my uni lecturer, she also added that I enjoy talking during her lectures so I should use a bit of that energy I put into that to do something here. Maybe she was right! So on the first day without sunshine in sunny Scarbados (Scarborough) i’ve decided to give it a try. I have a tendency to enjoy ranting about things, especially things i’m pretty passionate about so maybe this could be a good way of venting it 🙂

Uni life seems to be one of the things I enjoy ranting about, I dont really have a problem with it, after all it was my choice to go, but somethings that happen just frustrate me. For example at the moment there is bullying happening in and around the campus. What the hell is that about??? I mean everyone who goes here has to be over 18, did they not leave bullying behind in high school?….. Apparently not! Its just immature to victimise someone like that. One of my friends has had it happen to her. She is an international student from Brunei so because she looks asian people automatically assume shes chinese and begin to make comments, or mock her assuming that she either won’t understand whats happening or won’t care. The funny thing is she speaks better English than those who are bullying her and mocking her language! It’s just actually vile to think some ‘mature’ people could be that bored that they would turn to do something like this. It’s also rascist and just disgusting. But because the bullys might get a laugh out of it from their friends they continue, despite the warnings from the university and student welfare staff. How immature…really! When I moved here I was told the university was a small campus where everyone got along – apparently they were wrong if this is happening. Luckily we’ve got a good team on campus that are doing their hardest to stop it preferably before it gets worse, so hopefully something will be done soon that will make it stop. We’re living in the 21st century theres no need to act like this!

Anyway rant over 😀